Shrimps matter!

Meet the shrimp. I teamed up with Tabatha Soltay of TabTalks to work on ShrimpsMatter, a game sponsored by the WWF and the Hub, as part of Ottawa WaveMakers! I have designed the logo and the game pieces. We are … Continue reading

Knight in Shining Armour

I am happy to have been part of Cole’s Cancer Crusaders, who ran 100km (as a relay) to raise money for children’s cancer research. Our team raised over $35,000, the most of any team. I promised those donating that if … Continue reading

AmbiSHEous young ladies

When I found out that young girls could take a 2-day bootcamp on becoming entrepreneurs, I didn’t even need to think about it! AmbiSHEous taught 9-14 year olds some business basics over two days. I helped out, facilitating some activities and … Continue reading

Philosophy for kids + forced perspective

Brila, a youth camp that encourages critical thinking and teaches the basics of philosophical enquiry, asked me to come do another session on how we can use our cameras to trick your brain. I got to meet the kids and … Continue reading

A great win!

Last week, Ollie and I’s team came in joint first place for the Aquahacking competition for our app RiverRanger. Watch this space for what’s next!

Who knew I could run?

Last week I completed my second half-marathon in 2:22 (my first time was 2:17). It was hot, I ran by myself, but I had Ollie in my ears the whole time! He created my very own marathon mix that kept … Continue reading

A Grand Canyon. I saw most of it

Wow. Just wow. When people say it’s Grand, they weren’t lying. It was my first ever helicopter ride, and even though I threw up chunks for a good 10 minutes, I am still in awe of its beauty (yep, I … Continue reading

The winter garden

You don’t really appreciate how amazing gardening is in England until you move to Canada. In England, I grew pretty much everything: grapes, apples, all sorts of vegetables, and started planting out as early as March. It is now April … Continue reading

Cold as Ice, but you know, more snowy

Ollie had to be away in Hong Kong, but we had booked a visit the the infamous Ice Hotel. Luckily, my best friend could join me! The whole experience is strange– it’s costed like a luxury vacations but some of the … Continue reading

5 Reasons to be Creative

This week, for 3 days, Ollie and I visited Brighton for the Reasons to Be Creative conference.  Their aim: to recharge designers’ creative batteries, inspire them and get them doing more with all the amazing tools out there.  So, in … Continue reading

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