The Lonely Freelancer’s Club Week 2

Last week, I got together with Scott and Gemma for the first ever Lonely Freelancer’s Club (or LFC for short).  It was an opportunity for those of us who work on our own to sit together, work, share projects, talk about workflows, tools, and most importantly, eat cheese.

cheese Behind the club is the idea that even though we work for clients or companies, we are remote workers, and often miss out on the camaraderie and interactions that office workers get.  We are battling loneliness, but also exchanging ideas and more.  We’re looking forward to having a few more locals join us too :)

Resource of the Week

IFTTT:  A great way to create recipes to link resources together.  Scott shared this with me after I struggled to get a wordpress plugin to tweet out my blog posts on a project. It has a wonderful interface, and is extremely exciting to be able to understand what I’m doing. Plus, it worked the first time. RESULT.

Cheese of the Week

We had some lovely Boursin on water crackers.

Friday activity

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