RIP Steve Jobs

When I heard this morning that Steve Jobs died, I feel like I have lost a mentor, who has always been there, making it easier for me to be creative and push myself. They’re just devices, right?

I think most people agree that Steve did something extra special.  I know he did for me: I fell in proper love with computers, graphic design  when my family spent $5000 on a Mac LC3 when I was around 12 years old, after my uncle, a great photographer, convinced us all that Apple was the way to go. Soon I was routing through preferences, designing magazines and drawing pretty well (even now I’m impressed) with Aldus.  I spent hours on it, so much so, that the family computer became MY computer.

In high school we had the bubble macs in our labs; I learned photoshop, illustrator and html, staying until 10pm some nights to work on the yearbook.

In university, I worked at the newspaper, and we all had macs.  When I bought my first computer of my own, it was a macbook.  Now, my whole job is on my mac.

Steve, you’ve been with me through thick and thin.  I wish for 1/10 of your drive, creativity and ambition.  Rest in peace.


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