ColdClaim: the game

A strategic iPad boardgame designed in conjunction with a physical board game and educational curriculum

The place is Antarctica. The year is 2049. Your mission is to locate and extract what is now Earth’s most precious resource: Paleo Water. As expedition leader prepare to navigate harsh terrain, prospect for Paleo, discover artifacts, and claim coldly contested land... while outwitting your rivals and protecting your reputation.

In the spirit of Settlers of Catan and Kingdom Builder, Cold Claim is a strategic board game for two to four players via iPad Game Center, pass-and-play or physical boardgame.

It was designed working in collaboration with Natron Baxter and the iPad version was developed alongside Jackson Maynard. I helped design and build this iPad game, board game and supporting website.

What I did

  • Game design
  • Interface design
  • Writing AI
  • Illustration
  • Copy editing
  • Branding
  • Project management
  • Web design
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Kat is the most talented, comprehensive, and personable designers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She is one of those people you look forward to getting on a 7 a.m. client call with. One of those people who make a 6-hour brainstorming marathon feel like a treat and not a trial. Her relentless optimism and ability to keep the momentum going in the dark times that come with any long term project makes her a true delight to work with. In short, Kat is the complete package. She has my complete trust, total respect, and my highest recommendation.
Mathias Crawford, game designer for ColdClaim