New year and new blog!

Capra turns one year old today. Happy birthday to us! To celebrate, we’ve decided to start a long overdue blog so we can share all the lovely things we’ve been learning. This site is an extension of the previous one – there’s more space for project screenshots and more detail about our work and our approach.

What goes on this blog?

We’ve been blogging individually for a while (Kat writes on safetygoat, for example) but those entries are more about ranting, being silly and sharing personal things that have nothing to do with our professional lives. Having a company blog is a great way to separate the kind of self-indulgent personal blogging from what we consider more helpful “learning-based” blogging. It will also let us go wild on our personal sites rather than this one! 🙂

We also have some Capra staff who are great writers, but come from mostly non-web backgrounds. This allows us to present diverse perspectives that will reach various audiences and make it more interesting for everyone.

We’re not going to restrict ourselves to stringent categories, but we’ll aim to keep things short, informal, and as informative as possible. Feel free to subscribe to our rss. We’re only publishing once a week.

New year means more new projects

We are very lucky to have had a very busy first year.  The clients we worked with were phenomenal and we were very pleased with how our projects turned out. We are now available for select new projects, so if you’d like us to work for you, please contact us.

Refreshed design

Instead of a full redesign, we’ve kept our site changes minimal so our portfolio and our services stand out. We’d love your feedback on the design!

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