Looking for an apprentice

Capra, in partnership with Webcandy, is looking for an apprentice for a 3 month term as a web designer/dev.  It’s a paid position, offering £2000/month plus bonuses for high performance.

Technically, we’re looking for:

  • A full-bodied understanding of html/css, with some knowledge of html5 and css3
  • An ability to take a design and apply it to other pages
  • A good knowledge of photoshop, and a good design eye
  • Some basic jquery would be nice
  • Some experience with source control (such as subversion or git) is a plus
  • Likes to learn new technology tools

Non-technically, we’re looking for:

  • An enthusiasm for learning
  • An ability to follow direction, but also shows lots of initiative to get things done
  • Can commute to Eversley, Hampshire (RG27) and Liphook, Hampshire (GU30)
  • Must love dogs, as Kenny is an employee
A little bit more

You’d be working at both the Eversley and Liphook locations. We’re both very small teams, so we’re looking for someone who will learn quickly and soon be better than us at their job!  Of course, since it’s an apprenticeship, we don’t expect you to be an expert yet, and training and improving will be a huge component to the position. There’s a chance after 3 months, that we could take you on longer.  So, if you’re enthusiastic, and have a portfolio, please contact us.

Tell us
  1. Why you think you’d work well with us (we like compliments, so be specific!)
  2. What your favourite colour is and why?
  3. What’s your favourite browser, from the perspective of coding css, and why?

Please contact us from here or get in touch via twitter.

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