OH the excitement!  In my very spare time, I have been working on an iPad game for toddlers with Elliott Draper called Dragimals.  It’s an app for toddlers where they DRAG out ANIMALS who animate and make noises.

A burping dragon is featured on each scene. Why? Because dragons are awesome.  I have had a blast drawing and animating the animals, and watching youngsters trying it out.  My favourite was watching both an 11-month old and a 3-year old enjoying it and delighting over the noises and animations. We have lots of future plans for new scenes and features, but we are proud that many have delighted in this toddler app.  One described it as “surprisingly addictive”.

If you’re a parent (or just young at heart) who would like to try out Dragimals, please check us out on the app store (Search for Dragimals).

(If you’re a blogger, and would like to do a review, we’d love for you to get in touch… contact me and I’ll see about getting you a code!  You can also check out our facebook page or twitter feed for more updates. )

I will be writing more soon… on what we learned about designing for small children, how the branding got changed after user testing deemed our old name ‘weird’, getting things done, not letting feature creep in, and more.

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