Goats may rest

Starting today, I will be putting my own company on hold, and going back to working full time for a company.  While it has been a great ride, and I have learned so much about managing a business, it is time for me to grow as a designer, and that means Capra will get some rest.

I am honoured to be working for Natron Baxter, an applied gaming company I have been freelancing with for a while.  While I thought no one could tempt me away from my business, this company is like no other.   The projects are interesting, fun and ethically sound– I’m working on making games!  The people are the most talented I’ve ever worked with (and I am finally getting the mentoring I have always wanted), and I am learning to flex creative muscles I haven’t used in years.  It will be, in some ways, my hardest challenge yet.  They want me to do UX, UI, front end and everything in between.  I want to do for them better work than I’ve ever done.

This goat won’t die, it’s just resting for now.  See you soon!

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