Dogs make for a happy office

A few weeks ago, we got a cocker/springer spaniel cross puppy we named Kenny.  He’s a beautiful boy, and, at 13 weeks now is completely toilet trained, sleeps through the night and is learning at breakneck speeds!

Having the opportunity to get a dog is one of the perks of running your own business.  Because the dog can hang out with you all day, it’s not cruelly locked away in a crate while you’re at work.  But it’s far better than that.  Here are just some of the benefits so far of having Kenny around:

More time outdoors

When you work on computers, it’s really easy to go the whole day without a ray of sunshine.  The  stereotype of the pasty computer person who gets no exercise has definitely been true for me!  Kenny and I have a lunch time walk, which is good for both of us to get some exercise and step away from work.  And I top up my vitamin D.

More breaks

Anyone who does creative work knows that having a break every hour or so can be great for finding solutions that have eluded you as you sit for hours and hours not accomplishing anything.  Just as many find creativity in the shower, having a play with your dog is a great way to come back to your work fresh.

More adventures

In the past few weeks I have seen more of my surrounding countryside than in the whole year before.  When you’re building a business and trying to get things done, it’s easy to get lazy about going out.  Exploring your local forests is a great way to de-stress and appreciate what a beautiful country I live in!

Less ‘doing nothing’

I often find myself sitting at my computer even when I’m not working, “Putting in time”.  This is completely inefficient, and I find I spend my time working much better now: I actually get MORE done, in much less time.

Less partying

Days of feeling less than rosy after going out and having drinks are now a rarity:  the pup isn’t ready for long hours in his crate, so it means I get home at a decent hour.

All day company

It’s well documented that those working home by themselves can end up feeling lonely.  With a dog though, it’s very social.  Not only do we hang out together, we also meet and talk to our neighbours, and there’s nothing like a dog for striking up a conversation with other dog owners and dog lovers, especially if your dog loves meeting new people too.

Carefree zone

After dealing with difficult clients, it’s so great to be with a creature that wants nothing more than to be happy, play and run.  I can feel my blood pressure going down already!

The dark side

Pups need lots of training to make sure they don’t bite or jump up (especially on children) and can’t be left alone for too long.  So, if you have client meetings, you’ll having to hire a dog walker to come a few times in the day.  You also have to make sure you work really hard to teach them good manners when they’re little.  If you’re busy and working 100 hour weeks, it will be hard for you to give your pup the attention and socialization it needs!

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