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Knight in Shining Armour

I am happy to have been part of Cole’s Cancer Crusaders, who ran 100km (as a relay) to raise money for children’s cancer research. Our team raised over $35,000, the most of any team. I promised those donating that if … Continue reading

AmbiSHEous young ladies

When I found out that young girls could take a 2-day bootcamp on becoming entrepreneurs, I didn’t even need to think about it! AmbiSHEous taught 9-14 year olds some business basics over two days. I helped out, facilitating some activities and … Continue reading

Philosophy for kids + forced perspective

Brila, a youth camp that encourages critical thinking and teaches the basics of philosophical enquiry, asked me to come do another session on how we can use our cameras to trick your brain. I got to meet the kids and … Continue reading

Who knew I could run?

Last week I completed my second half-marathon in 2:22 (my first time was 2:17). It was hot, I ran by myself, but I had Ollie in my ears the whole time! He created my very own marathon mix that kept … Continue reading

#1 Reason Why

This morning I woke up to a few messages in my flipboard on #1reasonwhy women aren’t better represented in the gaming industry.  As I have recently found myself designing and building more and more games in my work for the … Continue reading

Cooking up a storm

As devoted readers of the Capra blog may have noticed, it has now become customary for Kat and I to indulge in a special activity away from the computer screen each Friday. As hard working ladies, we usually reward ourselves … Continue reading

Pixel art dogs!

Every once in a while you have to take a break from coding, so this morning we decided to make pixel art of our lovely dogs in the Capra office. We set ourselves half an hour to make pixel versions … Continue reading

Surfing goat!

There’s no denying that I’m obsessed with goats.  My blog website was called safetygoat for gods sake and featured a lifejacket-wearing goat as its logo. So when I saw this surfing goat, of course I thought it was the coolest. … Continue reading

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