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The winter garden

You don’t really appreciate how amazing gardening is in England until you move to Canada. In England, I grew pretty much everything: grapes, apples, all sorts of vegetables, and started planting out as early as March. It is now April … Continue reading

Flowering styles

Jena Birch has now been working with Capra for the past few months.  While I still take the design lead for most projects, she has been getting more and more involved in design alongside her coding, and thus has been … Continue reading

Web design garden #2

Rotate your crops; it’s good for the soil Just like your garden, creative people should rotate their projects, or they burn out Projects shouldn’t all be the same Vegetable plants have different needs: beans fix nitrogen into the soil, and … Continue reading

Web design garden #1

Don’t sow more than your space allows. When you’re starting out a business or a garden, you’re enthusiastic to take on everything, and grow everything. Continue reading

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