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5 Reasons to be Creative

This week, for 3 days, Ollie and I visited Brighton for the Reasons to Be Creative conference.  Their aim: to recharge designers’ creative batteries, inspire them and get them doing more with all the amazing tools out there.  So, in … Continue reading

Brand refresh, MVP redesign

I have finally updated my website!  A lot has happened since I last did it (2 years!), and I have been trying to wrestle between my need for perfection and my need to get it up and out.  I hope … Continue reading


OH the excitement!  In my very spare time, I have been working on an iPad game for toddlers with Elliott Draper called Dragimals.  It’s an app for toddlers where they DRAG out ANIMALS who animate and make noises. A burping … Continue reading

Flowering styles

Jena Birch has now been working with Capra for the past few months.  While I still take the design lead for most projects, she has been getting more and more involved in design alongside her coding, and thus has been … Continue reading

RIP Steve Jobs

When I heard this morning that Steve Jobs died, I feel like I have lost a mentor, who has always been there, making it easier for me to be creative and push myself. They’re just devices, right? I think most people … Continue reading

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