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A great win!

Last week, Ollie and I’s team came in joint first place for the Aquahacking competition for our app RiverRanger. Watch this space for what’s next!

Brand refresh, MVP redesign

I have finally updated my website!  A lot has happened since I last did it (2 years!), and I have been trying to wrestle between my need for perfection and my need to get it up and out.  I hope … Continue reading

Goats may rest

Starting today, I will be putting my own company on hold, and going back to working full time for a company.  While it has been a great ride, and I have learned so much about managing a business, it is … Continue reading


I noticed a considerable spike in traffic on Friday and an initial viewing of my analytics didn’t reveal why. I put it down to a mystery until I received an email from a lady saying that I had hacked her … Continue reading

How to prepare for holidays

I’ve returned from 11 days in Sri Lanka this past weekend. The few weeks before I left I spent frantically trying to finish as much as possible.  12-hour work days and 1/2-day weekends had made me into a stress ball … Continue reading

Looking for an apprentice

Capra, in partnership with Webcandy, is looking for an apprentice for a 3 month term as a web designer/dev.  It’s a paid position, offering £2000/month plus bonuses for high performance. Technically, we’re looking for: A full-bodied understanding of html/css, with … Continue reading

Dogs make for a happy office

A few weeks ago, we got a cocker/springer spaniel cross puppy we named Kenny.  He’s a beautiful boy, and, at 13 weeks now is completely toilet trained, sleeps through the night and is learning at breakneck speeds! Having the opportunity … Continue reading

New year and new blog!

Capra turns one year old today. Happy birthday to us! To celebrate, we’ve decided to start a long overdue blog so we can share all the lovely things we’ve been learning. This site is an extension of the previous one … Continue reading

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