Brand refresh, MVP redesign

I have finally updated my website!  A lot has happened since I last did it (2 years!), and I have been trying to wrestle between my need for perfection and my need to get it up and out.  I hope that it maintains a balance between its existing aesthetic and my changing skillset, and will be a base for me to continue to improve it.

The logo

While I hate the marketing speak, it truly is a brand refresh (and a website MVP).  The logo maintains its original character, just refined and, I think, more elegant and versatile. The curvatures in the goat horns remains the same, but the new design has an angular symmetry to it.


The font

The font remains Minister but I have opted for the lighter version, which allows me to use a wider range of sizes and treatments without feeling so heavy.  The font colour too, goes from a straight black to one with a tint of dark navy in it.  Again, this is to give my text a slightly less harsh tone, without sacrificing its crispiness.


Other stuff

The portfolio remains quite consistent with previous versions, but the screenshots highlight the work I’ve done for mobile and iOS apps, as I have been working more on those than websites in the past year.  I have also highlighted more testimonials from those I have worked with.  I feel blessed that people seem to like me so much!  The about page will (hopefully soon) be a playground for animation, some cool graphing and other areas I have been experimenting with.

The website is a work in progress, but since I have completed the basics, I felt it was time to put it up.  I plan on getting some more fun (a game, perchance?), more animations, refined copy and layout (tips welcome) and so much more.  Thus, this is my MVP (Minimum Viable Product): it has everything people need to see, and with time, will contain more and more of the features that make websites feel oh so good.

What do you think?

Do you like it?  Did you find a typo?  Would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

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