#1 Reason Why

This morning I woke up to a few messages in my flipboard on #1reasonwhy women aren’t better represented in the gaming industry.  As I have recently found myself designing and building more and more games in my work for the best company ever, Natron Baxter, it got me thinking about myself in this context.  Here are the tweets that I’ve read that I think represent best how I am thinking about it.

#1reasonwhy because there’s not enough investment in AAA games about something other than war, cowboys, football, cars. sorry, but it’s true
-Jane McGonigal

We’re conditioned to see ourselves as tenuous tokens and other women as threats. That artificial competition keeps us isolated.#1reasonwhy
-Rachel Edidin

– But let’s be realistic. On the artistic side of game development, the ladies have proven to be as just good as the guys. #1reasonwhy
-Jessie Lam

Make games. Play games. Talk about games. Don’t let #1reasonwhy, or even lots of reasons, stop you from making what you want to see.
-Meguey Baker

Because if I succeed, I’m exceptional. And if I fail, I’m proof that women shouldn’t be in the industry. #1reasonwhy
-Rowan Cota

Because I have to keep spending my time on conversations like this instead of making more damn games. #1reasonwhy
-Jess H.

There are a few voices that have chimed in that say that they work for fair and respectful companies where it doesn’t matter if they are female or male, and I am lucky to be another voice amongst them.  Not only that, but I have also recently got to work closely with two incredible (female) game designers (Chelsea Howe and Phoebe Elefante), and I must say that they are both in my top 3 favourite game designers to work with. I guess I am just the lucky one!

If you’re a female in the gaming industry that is struggling or just want to join, they’re starting up a mentoring program.


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