The winter garden

You don’t really appreciate how amazing gardening is in England until you move to Canada.


In England, I grew pretty much everything: grapes, apples, all sorts of vegetables, and started planting out as early as March.

It is now April 1 here in Canada and there’s still 2 feet of snow, the lake is frozen solid and spring feels a long way away.

One of the experiments I ran this winter was how well I could grow vegetables and herbs in a Canadian winter.  I got myself a grow light to supplement what sun would come in my skylights.  What I didn’t anticipate was snow on the skylights, and a growlight that kept plants alive but not thriving.  Now that the snow is off, my little plants are SO happy!

And since it’s still negative temperatures outside, I’m continuing my winter garden in two places:  my skylight and a top floor window in a dormer in my parent’s house (next door).  Over there, the tomato plants that self seeded last fall are going crazy.  I’m talking 30+ cherry tomatoes and 50+ active flowers.  And they smell so nice!  Some lettuce and herbs are doing just fine too, but you can tell that my tomatoes are my babies.

I will be starting seedlings soon, so they’re big and strong once they get planted out in May.  I went to a seedy saturday and picked up some stuff that I hope will do well in this climate.  The summers are short and hot. I can’t believe planting out time about a month and a half away. 🙁







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