Pen and paper, step aside.

I have always written pen and paper lists religiously, and I know I am not alone! I write lists for work, lists for my boyfriend (lucky Kevin), lists of ideas, and anything else I can think of writing down. After trying several web/mobile task management apps, I was always left feeling a little disappointed. However, after using, I feel like I have finally been tempted away from the notebooks!


Kat and I were excited to be involved with the design and development of, so I am aware that this might sound like a shameless plug, so you’ll just have to trust me that it isn’t ;-). Here at Capra we have been using to keep track of our daily tasks, so I thought it would be nice to share my experience – and who knows, you might also be tempted to put down the pen.

Brought to you by our friends at Webcandy, allows you to create multiple to-do lists which help you keep track of all your tasks, thoughts and ideas. You can colour code your list items, assign tasks to team members and re-arrange things easily by dragging with your mouse.

My thoughts

I have really enjoyed using this app for both Capra team projects and my own freelance work.

I find it incredibly useful to see an overview of everything to be done, all listed neatly on a single page, ensuring that no task slips through the net. Also, being able to personalise my dashboards is very useful; I use the colour coding in order to mark tasks by importance. If you are a freelancer, or work in a small team, I really recommend you give a try. I definitely feel more organised, am better able to plan my work for the days and weeks ahead, and I never forget to give Indy a bath.

The functionality is a little limited at the moment (you can’t currently discuss tasks with team members via the app, so it’s not that great for bug tracking), but if you are looking for a lightweight organisational tool or simply looking to replace your pen and paper lists, give it a go!

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