Flowering styles

Jena Birch has now been working with Capra for the past few months.  While I still take the design lead for most projects, she has been getting more and more involved in design alongside her coding, and thus has been invaluable in bringing fresh perspectives to design problems.

What I have found most fascinating is the contrast between our styles.  She chooses colours, treatments and overall layout style that are cohesive and lovely, and have a subtle elegance to them.  While I tend to focus on big ideas that simplify layouts and then work in the tiny details later, she builds detail in from the start, and is meticulous about making it perfect, both in real life and design.

Friday afternoon, we visited the garden center.  The friday project was to take a photograph of a plant, but in reality, it was a project created so we could go to the garden center (Let’s not lie to ourselves here!).  See if you can figure out whose photo is whose.

These two contrasting styles has, and will continue, to help us both grow as designers.  She is making me more tidy, and I am teaching her different ways to organize her content; both sides pushing each others’ boundaries.

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