Cooking up a storm

As devoted readers of the Capra blog may have noticed, it has now become customary for Kat and I to indulge in a special activity away from the computer screen each Friday. As hard working ladies, we usually reward ourselves Energy ballsby taking the dogs for a nice long walk, tackling a creative task in Photoshop, or by eating copious amounts of cheese. Today, however, we decided to cook!

Without further ado, we proudly present our first culinary masterpiece *ahem*: energy balls! These tasty little treats were made with carrots, ground almonds and rolled oats with a dash of peanut butter and honey. They are quite filling and excellent to eat before or after a work-out.

Now, we wouldn’t want Kenny and Indy to feel left out, so we also made some dog biscuits! The biscuits were made with flour, Dog bisuitsrolled oats and peanut butter and cut into various shapes (Canadian maple leaves, four-leaf clovers and bones).

I think our canine friends are pretty pleased with our efforts. 🙂


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