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Are free images as free as you think?

Stock images can be expensive, and hiring a professional photographer might be totally out of the question. But we, as web designers, often find ourselves needing to provide quality images on a limited budget and/or timescale. When faced with such … Continue reading

Pen and paper, step aside.

I have always written pen and paper lists religiously, and I know I am not alone! I write lists for work, lists for my boyfriend (lucky Kevin), lists of ideas, and anything else I can think of writing down. After … Continue reading

Cooking up a storm

As devoted readers of the Capra blog may have noticed, it has now become customary for Kat and I to indulge in a special activity away from the computer screen each Friday. As hard working ladies, we usually reward ourselves … Continue reading

Pixel art dogs!

Every once in a while you have to take a break from coding, so this morning we decided to make pixel art of our lovely dogs in the Capra office. We set ourselves half an hour to make pixel versions … Continue reading